How should I choose career in programing?

I want to be a programmer and make career in that field, but I don’t know what type of programmer should I be? Now I’m learning C++ language, but I don’t know what should I do after that. I thought I will be a game programmer, but many people say that not many people can work in this field. I don’t like web development and I don’t know any other types of programmer. Can someone help me to find out what programmer types are and explain about each one a little bit? And maybe someone can give me some advices for what should I choose?

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I recommend doing a job search for things like “programmer”, “software engineer”, “Developer”, etc on a job search (like indeed), in the area you want to gain employment. This will allow you to see a lot of the different options as well as the popular languages in that area. For example, if you have a location you absolutely want to live at and almost every job requires Java experience, you may want to go more in that direction of your learning path. Depending on how far you have gotten in C++, you may way want to put that on pause and switch to JAVA, or complete it then move to JAVA.

What kind of programmers are there? Well, there are many different kinds. I would say take what you know an make a likes/dislikes list. Then look at your likes list and find something in that area. There are a lot of times that someone newer “does not like web development”, but come to find out that they do like it; however, they enjoy back end but not front end. Figuring out what parts of programming you enjoy will help others offer you guidance that is more in sync with question you are trying to ask.

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Hello Heyman,
I suggest that you should be enthusiastic about the programming you do, so choose a programming language that does what you are interested in. You could do a search, preferably on a privacy-centred search engine (Qwant, StartPage, DuckDuckGo, for ‘what is language used for?’, or ‘what can I do with language?’ Typical searches like that may return some useful info and videos.

Well, there are an increasing number of programs that are accessed via the web rather than by download and installation. I mean, look at Office 365 or Google Docs for a start. Desktop apps may use Electron, which is building cross-platform apps in JavaScript, HTML and CSS. As much as you don’t like web development, you could build desktop apps with web technology.

Thank you very much for your help