How should I credit someone in my blog when I'm using it to get hired?


I’m at a moral dilemma.
I am in the process of inserting content into my very first blog. I’m hoping to make multiple. I recently had a complex problem that I wouldn’t have solved without the help of my mentor who’s never asked for anything.

What he taught me I was going to put in the blog so people don’t have to go through the problem I did without making up their own solution. I said I was going to credit him for helping me with the problem in the blog but at the same time I’m using these blogs to promote myself and show employers that I know how to solve problems.

Would this work against me if I mentioned my mentor in the blog and make employers think that I can’t work autonomously? If so I should probably just pay him for the amount of time he has spent helping me. What do you think?

I don’t see how giving credit to someone else for helping you get through a problem being an issue as long as you don’t pass off the work as your own work. If your mentor gave you the straight answer yourself, give them credit in your blog post. Now it should be said if your blog only just copy-pasted answers from your mentor, then yea that might be an issue since its your blog, not your mentors.

Working autonomously doesn’t mean you can’t get help. Knowing when to get help, how to get help, and who to get help from are all just as important as actually doing the work. Again, you shouldn’t get help, and pass it off as your own work, such is plagiarism.

Furthermore, if your asked about something you don’t know, you should say you don’t know. Knowing how much you know, and don’t know is more important than trying to know everything. You can always go out and learn what you need when you need it, and if you know you don’t know something, state as such so everyone is on the same page.

Good luck, keep learning, keep building and keep writing the blog posts :+1:


Everyone learns from someone else, whether through direct interaction, a book, a video, a blog post, a stack overflow post, etc.

Be honest, give him credit. Any employer cares much more about what you know than where you learned it. And giving credit where credit is due makes you seem like a humble and easy to get along with guy. People like to work with people that are humble and easy to get along with.

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Yes, you have to give him credit. You need to be sincere, and you should not feel shy while giving him credit as everyone chooses a mentor for learning, and no one can learn on its own. It will also show your greatness.

Thanks finished blog now. Already gave him credit at the bottom and link to his LinkedIn.