How should I fix to pass this section?

It does not pass no matter how I fix it. I tried the remove method(deleteOne, deleteMany, remove), and I saw the corresponding data was deleted in the database, but it does not pass anyway. I checked the hint, nothing differnent from my code. How should I fix?

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solution: boilerplate-mongomongoose-1 - Replit

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Challenge: MongoDB and Mongoose - Delete Many Documents with model.remove()

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Person.deleteOne({name:nameToRemove} ...

Expected as defined in the assignment:

Modify the removeManyPeople function to delete all the people whose name is within the variable nameToRemove , using Model.remove()

MongoDB and using Mongoose APIs have different methods to perform any CRUD operation (in this case deleting a document from the collection). In this assignment you are asked to use a specific method, Model.remove.

NOTE that Model.remove deletes all matching documents, while
Model.deleteOne deletes the first matching document (deletes at most one document only).

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