How should I pass this challenge?

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I have already added the console.log("Hello World") and it is working in glitch, but when I open the Live App, I get not found. Now how do I pass the challenge?

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Challenge: Meet the Node console

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this is your live app link:
and if you put this in it passes the tests

you can find it via Share->Live App

Yeah i have done that, but the page is not found

nvm…got it!! thanks

But Why is it that when I tried the same thing, I didnt get it

what do you mean that you did not get it?
If you press Share and then press Live App, you get the link above

I did that only…I also got the link…but when I used that link, then the test didnt pass

sometimes glitch has glitches, if you think nothing’s wrong of what you did wait a bit and try again

you can always ask for help as you did here