How should I price myself as a freelancer (Details in post)?

So, I’ve been trying to do some freelance work to get some professional experience on my resume. I’ve been coding for several years now, but haven’t gotten a job yet. I’m finally beginning to feel comfortable building a full-stack app.

Anyway, I recently sent a proposal to someone in Europe and proposed 9€ an hour (I’m in the US). However, he was surprised at how low I priced myself (said usually it’s freelancers in Russia and China that do that). Even said he looked at my Github.

So, should I be pricing myself higher than that, or is that sufficient for now to get my foot in the door?

9€ is $10/hr.
Corporate-owned McDonald’s stores pay employees $10 an hour.
Yes, you’re charging too low… very low.
It’s almost suspicious… does this guy know what he’s doing? or is he just scamming me…

Instead of charging per hour, have you considered pricing for the whole project? That way, it doesn’t matter if you spent a week or a few hours doing it, you get paid the same. The client will also know the final cost of the project beforehand.

But what should I be charging then is what I’m asking?

How long is a piece of string?
What’s the answer?

I suggest looking at comparables and price yourself around that figure.

I don’t know the whole scope of your project, your deliverables, and timeframe… so it’s useless asking anybody that question.

That is surprisingly low, so I’d say increase it a bit (15€/hr?) and see what reactions you get. See what everyone else is charging and price yourself lower but not surprisingly low. Also it’s worth mentioning why your rate is low. People like getting a good deal, so make them feel good about it.

  • I’m pricing myself low for the first few jobs on this platform to build up some reputation

  • I’m just looking for some small projects for my spare time so $$$ isn’t so important just now.

  • I want more experience in technology X and realise I won’t be as efficient in it at first, so discounting rate for this job.

  • I want the experience for my CV so I care less about the money than getting the experience.

Some people might be put off but there are enough jobs online that you’ll be fine. Being in the USA does give you an advantage for US/European jobs than those based elsewhere.

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