How should one go about learning the fcc content?

Hey, I was wondering what is the best way to go about learning the content on fcc? As in trying to retain a lot of information and understanding everything you’re reading. The tips other people have posted on other websites have been to take notes, and understand what you’re learning before moving on, and of course constentisy, I’m just wondering if there are other tips people have, I’m not trying/wanting to learn as fast as I can, but trying to get better quality in learning?

Edit: Another question, I have A LOT of free time since i’m young and i’m wondering if it’s better to study say, 2 hours a day or say something extreme like 8 hours a day. I think learning 8 hours a day would be hard to remember everything, right?

I’ve went through the first section of the curriculum “Responsive Web Design Certification (300 hours)” and it took me 15~ hours to do so, but I know for a fact I wasted most of my time by just by completing the challenges and moving on to the next challenge and and not letting previous challenge sink into my brain, granted I have done html/css before even then though (I’ve already reset my progression already and i’m wanting some tips of how to learn optimally before I start having another go at it)

If you have so much time on your hand, start building things

FreeCodeCamp is a guideline, these are called challenges and not lessons for a reason, they don’t want to be comprehensive, just want to guide you through some of the most used concepts

You are not even expected to remember everything in there, but a good thing to do would be to start familiarising yourself with the documentation, for example the MDN

And consult it often when you are writing code

I believe FCC, video tutorials, and guides all teach you what you can learn but just going through them doesn’t you learned it.

To really learn the content, you need to go out and build stuff. There is a big difference between learning about X, and trying to use X on your own. The best way to gain this experience is go out and just try to do it. You will struggle and it will be hard, but you will learn a heck of a lot more a lot faster going that route.

The dis-advantage of going this route is you will fail, and struggle a lot, which is good. You need the struggle and run into issues, and over come them to learn how to do them in the real world. Thing if you spend 8 hours of your day dealing with something dumb, you probably learned more in those 8 hours then if you flew through basic stuff in FCC. Expand this over every single thing you struggle with and you gain a lot of experience, since your doing what any professional web developer would do, just you don’t have any answers (yet).

I’d say learning how to gain grit to get through any challenge is a key trait of a programmer. If your the type to give up the moment something doesn’t work, it might not be the best career choice. But if you can handle dealing with issues/puzzles/questions day in and day out, good thats what you need :smiley:

Goodluck and keep building!

PS. I’m not saying don’t do FCC, definitely go through it, but consider it a “tour” of what there is to learn, not lessons. Just like school, you gotta do your homework! :wink:

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Very well said. Thanks for using your time to reply to me, Your information will not go to waste. I was looking at fcc the wrong way I guess, and that was my issue. again, thank you