How show amazon products on website?

Hi FCC! I am building a website for a client and I need to show the amazon products that she recommends on there.
Before I thought I would just add the products similar to how I added her affiliate websites

{ => (
           <div className="col-sm-4"  key={}> <NavLink href={}>
                className="homecard frame img-fluid"
              <h1 className="puppyname">{}</h1>

              <p className="puppysubtitle">{affliates.description}</p>

She can change the link and the photo here through a JSON file. However if I do this with amazon she will need to take a screenshot and upload it to the website’s cpanel in order to display it, which is not ideal.
I want to know, is there a way to show amazon products’ preview with only a link?
I do not need searchbar functionality or anything like that (I found a lot of those online) and the only thing I’ve found similar is for wordpress websites.
Thank you in advance for your help.

Google found this for me in about 2 seconds

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it looks like I was googling the wrong thing. I was searching “add amazon products to website” when I should have been using “embed”
Thank you!

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