How specific are tolerated questions per thread here?

I am both afraid and very, very hopeful that this will be called a “silly” question: Here goes:

In a forum or two I’ve gone to before, I would share questions about individual issues I was having with projects I was taking on - mind you this wasn’t programming - while they were still fresh on the mind and when I’d get an answer I’d use it to tweak my project.

With this I eventually was “asked” to leave because I would post thread after thread.

I know now I should save up questions if I can. I will aspire to do that; hence why I have about seven threads posted as of typing this instead of thirty.

However that issue-by-issue method was expedient, and I would like to know to what degree it’s accepted on this forum to come in with those particular errors in mind and ask it in its own thread, if I need an answer quick and want to keep my momentum?

The rule around here is one thread per project per person.

An understandably strict policy to enforce order.

the first time you have a question open a topic, then every time you have a new question coming up while working on the same project, you can add a new post there with the new question


This is a welcome relief, the best of both worlds.

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