How the first servers were programmed

is there an example of how the first servers were programmed? I mean with C language, via CLI and so on without all those syntactic sugar. Just hardcore. How it was implemented for the first time.

It wasn’t C, it was assembly

Are there any tutorials on how to create a simple server? Or just request/response. I would like to know how hardwares communicate.

The first electronic computers didn’t even use assembly: you programmed them by rewiring them. Very quickly they moved to plug-boards that could be swapped out, which took the downtime from days to hours. Uptime was measured in hours, since vacuum tubes would invariably burn out.

But even before that, “Computer” was a job title: A room full of people with mechanical calculators would have a list of calculations in front of them to perform, then each day they’d be handed a table of numbers, punch in the calculations on those numbers, then hand the results to the Computer sitting next to them to continue. Being a clerical job during wartime, the position was always staffed by women, and for the most part they computed firing tables for artillery.

Computing history is pretty nifty (to me anyway). But I’m not sure that’s what you came here for … is there something specific you’re trying to do?