How the heck do you solve this

Basic CSS: Improve Compatibility with Browser Fallbacks

This lesson is teaching you that, at times, you may need to write fallback code (redundant code) which is two ways of saying the same thing. This is because not all browsers interpret HTML and CSS the same way.

In this example, the rectangle is red because a CSS Variable is assigning the ‘red’ value to the background-color property.

What you need to do is add another declaration, in the empty line provided, that gives the background-color property the attribute of ‘red’. When you have both of these statements, it provides a safety net for browsers that don’t support variables.

i think you over complicated that answer. could have just said add background:red; before the first background declaration.

The goal is for you to learn something. Giving someone the answer is not teaching. You are welcome!

Edit: in the future if you want to be given the answer, you can click the hint button to read an explanation that is longer than mine, and just look at the answer at the end.


You will have even more complicated problems to solve down the road. Knowing the basics will save you the headache.