How to access web view like in Replit, but in VS Code (question from Full Stack Web Dev course)?

Hi, all - I’m currently following along with the FCC Full Stack Web Dev for Beginners course on YouTube - but using VS Code, not Replit

At 6:16:38 in the video, Beau accesses a webview through Replit (some URL like htt ps: //review-backend … etc) and is able to append “/api/v1/reviews” to see “hello world”.

But I am working in VS Code. I’ve got everything configured correctly I think (I am getting our “listening on port” message), but I don’t understand how to get a similar web view or URL. Using the Live Server extension in VS Code, I can pull up the file/directory as localhost, but it’s just a directory/bunch of files – I don’t see a way to get it to show ‘hello world’ by manipulating the IP or URL. How can I get a similar view and see ‘hello world’ using VS Code/the web browser?

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