How to ACTUALLY start Building Apps - SOLUTION

I keep seeing a trend of forum posts all over the place by people who face a similar question/problem to what I faced not long ago:

Ok, I have learned x or y language, now how do I ACTUALLY start working with it, or making real-world applications and websites??? Luckily, we here at FCC already have the FCC curriculum projects which puts us ahead of a lot of other newbies… However, some people seem to view those projects as “school projects” and can still be lost even after doing them.

Look no further. In this YouTube video, I explain to you a simple, easy, and fun way to solve this problem:

After following the steps in this video, and making a simple portfolio for yourself on a website or GitHub, you will be ready to apply for jobs if you desire.

In addition, I made another YouTube video which pretty much goes hand-in-hand with this one where I explain how to absolutely maximize your learning of code and programming online and by various methods. In it, you will learn how to get the best bang for your buck and time investment, as well as how to find the best, most reputable online courses and instructors to learn from. That video is here:

Please note that I have spent over 1,000-2,000 HOURS of self-study and online course learning, combined with freeCodeCamp at this point and I have learned a ton and received so much help. I am making these videos in this YT channel to give back some to the community. There is no agenda here or product I am trying to sell. As long as it helps someone, I am happy. :slight_smile:


I think the best way to learn is to take on some project. Choose something you want to do for yourself.

For example I wanted to do a chat bot for a game, all I knew at that point was some basic js. So I looked for some way to make the bot using js, that’s how I found node.js.

So I started this kinda huge project without even knowing to write a single line of code in node. It took me over two months to make it but every day I learned something, I rewrote most if the code every few days as I was learning new things and needed to adjust/improve the code.

Just pick something you want to do and stick with it, a website, a game… Anything you want, you’ll learn more that way than any other way.


Thanks for the vid, it’s really good.

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