How to actually visualize outputs for projects

Hi all! I am working on some challenges using replit, and I’m having a little trouble. What I have done for one or two projects is download the original csv and worked on it in jupyter and then copied my code over. However, I see that there is a shell and a console which I could use to visualize some python, but I’m not familiar enough to really be able to run python that way. Does anyone have any resources/how-to guides that would be helpful? I haven’t found any that have helped me for my purposes.

Thank you!

@WillyJGolden I guess you want to visualize data in python. If it so, then I recommend you to go for creating GUI (Graphical User Interface ). There are various modules in python where you can create GUI applications.
For particularly visualizing data, I recommend you to use ‘matplotlib’ module for creating graphs to visualize outputs.

I hope I have answered your question, even though I made I guess, cause you haven’t framed the body of the question that good for perfect understanding ( as per my understanding. )

Reply me if it wasn’t what I was talking about.

Happy Coding.

Hi! Thanks for your answer. What I meant was that I want to be able to run python commands in the shell so that I can view the table directly online and don’t have to download. Does that make more sense?

@WillyJGolden Sorry for replying late…

In that case, you can use Flask or Django modules to run the table directly online.
I guess this works for your question.

Happy Coding…

regarding the fcc projects, i recall using python in the console would run the tests for you and provide you some output. I did put additional print statements in my code, whenever there was piece of logic i had to bugfix, to see what it gives me and again, id run the file and console will print my statement. You can play with that. Make sure your print had enough markers to make it visible where in console it printed e.g. print( 'Test the value of user_name:', user_name, '<= Look HERE')

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