How to add a feature of Play , Pause, and skip commands?

I m working on this issue ( I want to add Play, Pause and skip commands to the solution . Any help would be appreciated . For reference (

We have no idea what you have tried, what you already know, what you’re stuck on, etc etc.

Kindly check the link i mentioned you will get the idea what i m trying to do…
Basically i m adding feature of Google Music play for which i need to add Play, Pause and skip command.

Yes, but what have you already tried, what are you stuck on? That’s a specific, relatively complex codebase: how does it work, what are your supposed to be doing in it that you’re stuck on? To get help, it helps us to have some simplified version of the problem, rather than “here is a complex codebase we’ve never seen, can you tell me how to add a feature to it” which seems to be what you’re asking

Actually i have to add specific selectors for Google play Music .

I’m not sure how to put this without coming across as very blunt, but I’ll try:

People are unlikely to want to spelunk through a complex codebase on GitHub to figure out what exactly it is that you are trying to do and what help it is that you actually need. Do you understand the codebase you have volunteered to work on? Can you describe, concisely, the issue you are having and what you have already tried?

This doesn’t mean anything. I have skim read through an overview of what the repo is for (some experimental Firefox extension to allow voice commands to control some behaviour of the browser). I don’t know how it works, what exactly a “selector” refers to here, how FF extensions are implemented, whether it relies on a JS framework, what part of the code you are supposed to be working on and a million and one other things.

Please tell me I’m wrong here and you haven’t just picked some arbitrary OS codebase on GitHub that you don’t know anything about and have never used as a way to do work. If so for god’s sake ask the maintainers to walk you through what you’re supposed to be doing [they are very likely to not want to do this]. Or pick some codebase and make sure you’re very familiar with it before starting on issues

I have to add a feature of google music play for which i need to use some special selectors into my code for google music play to play ,pause and skip commands . This issue is all about that . I only wan t to know about that selectors in JS. Also, I know and understand the code base . Hope you understand my point.

The issue does not explain this. It assumes the person reading the issue already knows what “selector” means in this context.

What have you already tried? Do you have a simple dummy implementation you can use to explain to people here what you are trying to achieve. I’m not quite sure you’re getting where I’m coming from. You are asking a huge amount of people, and providing no context.

So why can you not specify exactly what you are trying to do?

This is a description of a feature that needs to be added, it would maybe be called a user story, eg

As a user, I want to be able to use the service with Google Music. I should be able to use the standard audio commands with Google Music in the same way as I can with Spotify.

It purposefully does not explain in any way the technical requirements.

In my job, I am often asked to take a codebase that is foreign to me and implement a feature on it. I often run into problems and ask for help from people on the internet. I cannot, though, just say “here is the codebase, how do I implement this feature”. To get help I have to ask very specific questions (“this piece of code uses this pattern and technology x. In this specific piece of code, I can’t get y to occur, here is a simplified example of what I mean, what might I be doing wrong?”)

Thanks but i will try to fix it at my own . I m confusing you completely.

You’re not confusing me at all, you’re just not asking questions that anyone is going to be able to answer unless they themselves spend a few hours going through the codebase, which is not going to happen. If you want help from people here, you need to ask questions that those people might be able to answer.