How to add a markdown .md file to codepen

Hi, how do I add a file with an .md extension to my project in codepen. It’s for the Markdown Previewer challenge. I need it to make an .md document appear on page load. As the challenge asks me.

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Challenge: Build a Markdown Previewer

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With codepen, I think it would be easier to hardcode that info as a string in your JS pane. You can’t really create other files in CP - though you might be able to with a premium account. There are other online IDEs that will let you create files, but I think that is too much work for this little project.

I can’t do as a string. It is very large and has line breaks.

Hi @rodrigocabrera19 !

As mentioned, you cannot add files to pens in codepen.

You will have to either create a project in codepen or use something else like codesandbox.

Ok, thank you!!!

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