How to add a video file in atom setup

(my question is not of code camp)
I actually want to add a video file in atom setup can anyone on here help me???

You mean the text editor Atom?

If so, if you want a file to be in a specific folder then just move the file in the directory you want to put it in, like you would any other file on your computer. Atom can’t do anything special with it (it won’t be able to open it or anything), but you’ll be able to see it in the file navigation view

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Thank u
yes i got the video file (but with out video) in the navigation file but I am not able to play the video
can u please tell me how to get the video when I click the video file I am not even getting the picture of the video
I hope u help me

Atom is a text editor, literally for editing text, so it doesn’t make much sense what you’re asking: it’s like asking how you play a video using Notepad, or how you edit a text document using a iTunes, or how you play a mp3 using Calculator. You’re missing out some vital information about what you’re actually trying to do here.

Just to clarify Atom is a program for editing text, not a video player. I’m assuming you aren’t just trying to open a video with it, so you are trying to do something that you aren’t describing, you need to explain what you’re doing.

I actually want to add a video from a local folder (what should I code there?)