How to add class to p element?

The flavors and prices are currently stacked on top of each other and centered with their respective p elements. It would be nice if the flavor was on the left and the price was on the right.

Add the class name flavor to the French Vanilla p element.

Can you post your code, it Is hard to find your problem without the code.

It would be good If you could post a link too.

French Vanilla


Classes are attribute items that get assigned a value. Attributes are placed within elements. In this lesson it is asking you to place a class attribute with the value of flavor within your existing

<p>French Vanilla</p>


An example of an attribute with an assigned value is as follows:

<section id="coffee">

Here the section is the element and the attribute is id with a value of coffee.


A class-name can be assigned to an element with the help of class attribute.

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