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I have run all the tests but I still can’t see what is wrong with my code. The only test that is failing is #4 . I have added an id=“image” to the img element on my code, yet it seems not to be working. Your help would be much appreciated !

here is the code:

Federer BackHand On Grass Court

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Could you please submit your code using < /> the preformatted on this text form feature? This way we can see the current code to assist you.

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Since we cannot see your code, I will be making a guess to try to solve your problem.
Try adding within the img element the id=“image” . This may be the final step.
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I believe I have added it to my code, but it’s still failinf :frowning:

<section id="image">

<div id="img-div">

<img id="image" src="">

You have two elements with the same id name. This is not allowed, ids have to be unique meaning you cant have multiple ids with the same name. You can have multiple classes with the same name but not id. Go back through your code and make sure each id is unique

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thank you very much for your help :slight_smile:

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