How to add image with scr?

Hello, I cannot add image with img scr="" from my folder, nothing pops up.
I am using sublime, however I tried with vs code and it works.
What could be the problem and why?
Thank you!

It’s src, not scr

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Hi @chaspick

Welcome to FCC. Have you tried something like:

<img src='./img/image-file-name.jpg' alt='' >
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You need to spell well tour tags such as " src " that is assigned to the “name” of the image that you want to add in your codes. Try to check well.

Thank you, it worked!
Can you please explain what`s with that dot?

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I am sorry to delay answering you ! Which dot did you ask me ?
Please Highlight the dot you mean inside your code so that I can see.

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