How to add images to html

Hi I am on the Product Landing Page project, but I can’t seem to see the image, can anyone help please? Here is the code


the url of that not visible image is:

Which can’t be used as an image url, you need the direct utl of the image, not a google link

@ilenia thank you how do I get that and not the google link and what is a utl please? Thank you

The url is the web address
To get it you can right click on the image and select “copy image link”. If you then navigate to this link and it shows just the image then it is the correct link

thank you, I have saved the image to my computer and have tryed to add it to my code use src but it is still not showing the image using this code

<div class="container"></div>
<img id="phoneimage"
     src="images/googlepixel3a.png" alt="googlepixel3a"

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You need the image to be hosted online somewhere, no one else but you has access to the image on your computer

Thank you oh so if i have to put it online do you know where please? thank you okay I will.

If it is an image you found online you can try finding the original url

Or you can host it in an image hosting service, example: