How to add screenshots,of my work in the portfolio project?

As they are static images on my PC,so image is not being shown in the project by using folder’s path.I also tried to add the link through drive,bur it’s not working.Anyone please help!!

You have to host them tourgh a specialised website, should do the trick :slight_smile:

@hadrienallemon FYI - In case the OP is will be using Codepen for the project, Imgur blocks it from showing the images due to their “No hot-linking” policy.

Didn’t get you sir?Should i use imgur or not?

Not. It will not work if you plan on using Codepen, because they will block the images.

So what should i do sir?

This question comes up a lot on the forum. If you use the forum search (magnifying glass at top) and search for “host images”, you can read several posts from other campers with suggestions.

Better host it on some social sites or if u have blogger account just upload them and right click on them and copy image address and paste it on where you want to place them… or go for other image hosting sites which allows hot- link.,

I think it will solve your problem

Yes i was thinking the same,but social sites would not be good option.Anyways thanks,for your response.

Alright,Thank you Sir

Thanks a lot,it worked