How to add variables using the built-in SECRETS tag

Please tell me how to use secrets to pass this challenge without creating a. Nev file.
This is the address of the project to be challenged:file source
This is my code:my code

it’s a replit. Click the padlock symbol on left-hand bar (above the wheel-cog symbol), and input the key and value in each corresponding field.

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Thank you very much. I passed this question just now, which has bothered me for nearly two days. Thank you again!

Try to look for hints, clues or ask questions, if after 15 minutes, max. 1 hr, you cannot solve a problem. That’s what’s expected in real programming work environment. (Company does not want to pay you for that). Spending 2 days to find out how to use replit (something that might not be used a lot in real life production) is not wise.

I see. thank you for your advice.

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