How to align in html? noob helps help

hi guys, how do I align the menu button with my “Im hong gao picture?”

I only know how to code vertically, how do I code horizontally, or place things at any location?

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You can use CSS prop margin-left:50%
This Will make the btn start at 50% of the Windows width.
But what i would do is set a fixed width on the btn (CSS prop width:70px) and then do margin-left:calc(50%-35px) and this Will put the button in the Middle of the page.
Good to know about alignment is flexbox so when you feel a bit more certain about positioning check out flexboxes

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For the .dropdown class, set a width for the container, something a little wider than the button istelf. Then add the property margin:auto. This will center the button in the middle of your nav element. The margins will be set automatically to take up all remaining space on the left and right of your .dropdown class.

how about flexbox for this?aligning the menu with the image div?