How to apply weather-icons on glitch?

Hi everyone,

I want to use weather-icons on my Glitch express project. However, I cannot figure out how to apply it onto my project. As the instruction said, I have to copy the font folder as well as css folder, but it is just cannot work on glitch. It seems I only can upload scripts on to glitch project folder other than those files in font folder.

I also tried to install the dependency of weather-icons from package.json, and ref the original weather-icons.min.css file from node_modules folder, it did not work either.

By the way, I have applied the popper.min.js anyway, and it works well on other stuffs.

Just wondering, anyone knows what I should do to work it out.

Many thanks.

It will be helpful if you can give steps to reproduce the bug with code snippets and screenshots.