How to ask for a raise?


My name is Brent Keath and three months ago I got my first job as a junior full-stack developer in C# and .NET. Before that I had three years of personal experience building websites, games, and mobile apps for various companies.

Since acquiring my job I have obtained my MBA in IT Management and my Front-End certification from Free Code Camp. Not only that, but since being hired my bosses have commented multiple times on the quality of my work and how fast I am able to complete the projects they assign me. Since earning my MBA, a few recruiters have reached out to me and have told me that, with my qualifications, they can get me a better paying job, but not one that would let me work remotely (like my current one).

However, my current job also does not offer benefits and, based on a lot of online information, is paying extremely low for the work that I am doing.

So, what I am asking for is some advice. Most people have told me the only way to move up is by switching jobs, but I also don’t want to bounce around after so few months. Is there a good way for me to request a raise at my current job? Should I just stick it out to get more experience on my resume and not switch too quickly?

Also, many have told me that my next job will use my current pay as a basis for my future pay. The only reason I took such low pay was because I wanted to learn and gain some more professional experience, but I worry it may undervalue me for the rest of my career.

Thank you for any advice you can provide to me! I really appreciate it. I would to hear more about your collective experiences and thoughts regarding this topic!

You have already answered part of your question. please check whether you have gained an experience you wanted to have , whether there is any chance of getting more experience. if answer is yes stay put.

Regarding your pay don’t worry, if you have enough experience and confidence you can get multiple offer with higher pay than what they are paying now.

Hello Brent,

I think you should stay put, but having some interviews won’t likely to hurt anyone. The real point of decision should be when you receive an actual offer (which you don’t need to accept, like your employer doesn’t have to employ you just because you went to the interview). - and I don’t think anyone should judge you because you want to know what you’re really worth in the job market.

It seems that you don’t have much experience in interviews, so here’s my tips:

  • Don’t ever say any bad thing about any employer / company. They think that the best predictor of the future behaviour is the past behaviour.
  • Don’t give out any secrets / internal information about your current / past jobs (for the same reason)
  • Learn from every interview.

When you have an actual offer, it’ll be much easier to ask for a raise.