How to be able to copy my work

Hi just wondering as I progress thru “HTML-CSS” course how can I get a copy of my completed work to retain on my computer?.

Thanks for your response.


I do now know if it is possible but I would recommend to copy & paste your work on your computer and create the files manually. You can download vsCode (visual studio code) as example and create a folder with an index.html & styles.css file where you copy your codes.

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Thanks I don’t know how to go back and retrive the index.html and styles.css, for the Cat and Cafe that I have completed.

This is exactly what I have been doing with my projects. Like to go back and change things or update them with new things Ive learned along the way.

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Normally you should see your work if you go back to the last step of the project.

Thanks!!!, I will try that.

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