How to be not lazy when learning how to code/creating your own project?

Question in title, but some more details here:
I’m currently enjoying how to code, but sometimes I just feel like “I have no motivations for this”, and decided to waste time on other, more enjoyable things instead, then I took nearly a whole week to get back on track again. Also, how do I revise what I have learned before?

Whitout trying to be intrusive. I would recommend you certain things that could help you:

  1. Set a realist schedule, and try to accomplish it every day.
  2. Set Milestones. Even in Project Management you need to mark specific points along a project timeline (to learn coding or complete some projects).
  3. Set your final goals (What is the reason of my effort?)
  4. Try to see emphasise the benefits of your coding learning, and the disadvantages of the “more enjoyable things”. Remember, those other things do not bring so much benefit in the long term.
  5. Practice Mindfulness before any important activity.
    6.Mantain the process of coding as Fun, and you will be in a win win situation.
    Hope it helps.

Regarding reviewing what you have learned. Have a record of topics covered. (not necessarily complex like a Syllabus, but a good reference of the topics and sources.) If you are working with projects, try to learn the functionalities of Github.

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