How to become a remote developer?


I’m currently a software developer, but I want to work remotely. Not really sure what the “magic sauce” is that unlocks the ability to get a remote job…or transition your current one into a remote position.

Do you have a remote job? How did you get it? (I’ve got these questions like how does an Agile process work if you’re remote…virtual standups, etc?)



Check out

I don’t think there’s any special formula. Persistence will pay off in the job search. Do research on the companies you’re applying for and tailor your resume and cover letter specifically to those companies. Also, I’ve found that the big job hunting websites don’t have a lot of remote positions posted. Apply for smaller companies that are more flexible and that have offices in out-of-the-way places - these companies tend to have a harder time finding the programmers they need and are more willing to hire people into remote positions.

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One of the biggest portals with remote work is
If you have good portfolio and clear goals what you are looking for it’s really useful.

Another thing is the right mindset and soft skills, I wrote an article about that recently, have a look here: