How to begin my software career with one or two languages

Is it possible to build up software with one or two languages
if possible what are that languages

In many situations, it’s possible with one language. In some situations several languages would be required. It really depends on what you’re trying to do.

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For download manager what skills (what languages and other skills) are required?
and I’m an absolute beginner

It really depends on what you mean.

I highly recommend against, the “I only want to code one thing - what’s perfect and minimum path of stuff to learn to do that?” approach.

If you want to learn to code, learn to code.

If you want a download manager, look for one that already exists. You are a long way away from being able to build anything that good.

Having a goal in mind is good, but focus on learning. You’ll be able to understand what you need and how to ask better questions.

FCC teaches web dev, which is one possible path to doing what you want, depending on what you want.


Primary what program language should I learn
or Javascript
or python

I think JavaScript is the most flexible - you can do all the things the others can do. It may not be best for some things, but it can be used everywhere. I’m assuming that you are thinking about some web based app, and JS gives you frontend and backend capabilities.

But again, just learn to code. In my experience as a music and coding teacher, people with the “I don’t care about learning, I just have this one, very specific goal in mind” attitude don’t do very well, they don’t tend to last once they realize how far away that goal is. The best coders I know are the ones that do it because it’s fun. If they won the lottery, they’d still code for fun.

Okay. As you say could I learn full-stack software development here?

The first six certs teach a full stack, specifically the MERN stack.

What ever you can do, I want to be a good software devoloper

I’m not sure what that last post means. I’m saying that if you go here and do the first 6 certifications, it will give you the basis of a MERN stack, which is a popular full stack.

Okay. MERN for one of each letter one language you said, right.
MongoDB, Express, React, Node. For one language how many days it will take?
Because I’m a slow learner

how many days it will take?

That is an impossible question to answer. How many days to learn French? What does that mean? Enough to say hello? Be a tourist? Live in France? Read and write at a basic level? Be fluent? Speak like a native? And those things might mean different things to different people in different stages of learning.

To learn MERN? If you work hard, you can be writing basic apps in 6-12 months. To be employable? 1-4 years? But that depends on too many factors to be a firm answer. Just learn. The best developers I know are the ones that love coding and love learning.

No doubt. I’ll work hard. do you know that I’ll be always in front of the Computer?
You said 6-12 you said I’ll take maximum. It means I’ll take for basic apps 10-12
for the next level, you said 1-4, I’ll take 3-4. It means I’ll take at max.
Please tell me, Okay

I’m still not sure what you’re asking. But I still say that I can’t give you an exact answer. I don’t know:

  1. What your goal is
  2. How your perception of that goal will change over time
  3. How fast you learn
  4. How much quality learning time you will have
  5. What your coding aptitude is

I don’t know how to accurately quantify those and don’t have a formula to pump those into.

I can’t give you an accurate answer to your question. I’ve already answered it as well as I can.

  1. My goal is software developing and marketing like an Internet download manager and open office and KM Player Gom player and the other like any category.

  2. How your perception of that goal will change over time
    I am a perfect newbie to coding.

  3. How fast do you learn?
    One average chapter in 3 days

  4. How much quality learning time you will have
    For quality, one chapter I’ll learn in 4 days.

Hello sir,
hello, no reply. Why?
Please give one reply

I’ve given you several replies. I don’t think this is going anywhere. I can’t give you the precision of answer that you want. I don’t think anyone can.

My advice is that if you enjoy coding, start learning. It will probably take 1-3 years to turn it into a job. Anyone that says they can give you a more exact answer than that is lying to you, to themselves, or both.

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Only Python I want to learn
I Don’t have money to learn from other websites and I want to earn more
Please give alms.

Then learn Python. You can learn a little here.

I’m not sure what “alms” would be in this case.

But if you know what you want to learn, learn it. You can learn some basics of Python here. I’m told it kind of builds on some basic concepts that are in the JS certificate, but you can probably manage it if you do some side research. I don’t know what other free Python resources there are, but if I do a google search, I find several listings. I’m sure there is a lot on youtube for free, too.

Do you mean python code on youtube?
I searched and I come back here.
Please give me links