How to begin with api course

i dont use glitch and after cloning the repository . i forked it and then commit my changes in bracket text editor . which url do solutions asked for ??
I am making changes in my text editor and then pushing it to git also . I see package.json file to change the author name but the output always said "package.json should have “author” key. But there is always present over my commit . what am i doing wrong ? please tell how to clone with that repository .

I don’t think that the tests will work if you don’t use Glitch. You can still complete the certificate by doing the projects.

try pasting the author key and value all over the json file?

You need to have a Node server running your code. On Github, you’re hosting just plain text files, so the testing suite won’t ever find what it’s looking for.

In the challenge you’re having trouble with, for example, the testing suite is taking the url you pasted into the challenge (Github in this case) and making a request to repoUrl/_api/package.json. Since there is no directory named _api in your project, the test will always yell at you. In a live app running on Glitch or whatever you want, the testing suite that comes with the boilerplate project enables a route for /_api/package.json which returns your actual package.json file.

This is why you want to host your app on a live server instead of Github.

PS: Even if you create the _api directory and the package.json file inside it, the test won’t pass either. First of all because the url would be yourRepo/blob/master/_api/package.json.

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