How to Build an Online Presence

Hi Everyone, I am new to web development and hope to make it a career one day. What types of things can I do to build an online presence? I hear this is very important.

Here is what I do understand/don’t understand:

  1. Participating in Forums and helping others with solutions.
  2. Participating in collaborative projects. (How and where do I go to do this?)
  3. Doing things on sites like GitHub and CodePen. (What are these sites for and where should I start in being involved?)
  4. Build a portfolio.


  1. it could be several things. Simply building a project with a friend to contribute to an open source project. For ex. FCC is an open source project where you can contribute to fix bugs/ add more challenges, etc… You can fork their repo and start contributing. You need to learn git first and should have some web dev experience prior.

  2. Git is Version Control. Very useful tool when you are working with different developers on the same project to avoid code conflicts, etc… I recommend you google git. GitHub is online GUI where you can upload your codes and view it and do useful stuff like reviewing and merging other codes. Codepen is somewhere you can upload your code and others can view your code and its demo.

You can start them now. Go head and sign up on both sites :slight_smile: start utilizing them.

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Thanks! @shimphillip