How to build projects on my own post bootcamp?

Dear All,

I’ve completed 3 certifications on FCC namely Responsive Web Design, JavaScript Algorithms & Data structures, Front End Libraries but still I don’t have enough confidence to build real world project on my own.

Can you please share your experiences about post bootcamp

  • how did you build projects on your own,
  • what are the good practices did you follow or
  • any other tips to get into real world projects will be really helpful.

Thanks in advance.

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Hey @vikramvi!

I am currently working through the Front End certification myself. I think the key thing to remember is that even when you finish the first 3 certifications you still more practice.

You can choose one of the projects from the responsive section and maybe add some cool interactive features using javascript. Or maybe you could rebuild one of those projects but in react. Or you could do something different. There are a lot of different options here.

For me, I am building a personal project alongside the FCC curriculum. Choose something that interests you. It doesn’t have to be super complex but something that you built on your own. Keeping it simple is fine. With enough practice then you will gain more confidence.

Hope that helps!

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Hey Vikram,

great question, I think a lot of people struggle with this.

I think a multi-folded approach is useful:

  • build own projects
  • research theory best practices
  • research practical best practices

Build own projects:

  • search for problems in your own life
  • try to solve them
  • document what you do

Research theory best practices:

Research practical best practices:

  • read the source code of libraries like jQuery, lodash etc.
  • read the docs of the packages you use (NodeJS, ExpressJS, ReactJS etc.)

@jwilkins.oboe @miku86 Thanks for the detailed clarifications.
Let me try those techniques mentioned and I’ll share my learnings here within few weeks / months.


The best advice I can give you is, simply start building a project with what you know. Forget about applying what you learn, just write codes with what’s in your mind at this moment, right here, right now.

Any more minutes you spend on this forum asking for advice, is in my opinion, is procrastination and delays your progress of becoming who you want to become.

Do not try to be perfect. Any code you write, when you come back to the same block of code 2 weeks later, you’ll be surprised at how amateur it looks. Hence, any code you write, most likely won’t be permanent. Any software/webpage/apps you see out there, Facebook, Instagram, or even Microsoft Windows, were full of flaws when they were first written.

Coders who try to be perfect, are the slowest to learn and apply, and usually will get left behind by more aggressive coders who just jump in and do whatever. Eventually the aggressive, careless coders, will outgrow the perfectionist who’s always worrying about “doing the wrong thing”.

If even the greatest of all time (Facebook, Instagram, Windows) were full of flaws, and still full of flaws, you can be sure that your codes will be full of flaws. Hence, just say to yourself, screw perfection, I’ll just start building a webpage with whatever available knowledge I have, and improve it when necessary.

The important thing to remember, is to always be doing something, moving from one place to another. I see people at my workplace, or even in this forum, hesitate, confused about what to do next, and just stopped coding. This confusion or hesitation happens to everyone, even to Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg. But when they get stuck, they simply choose the path that seems do-able, and just jumped in and did it. Whereas in your situation, you’re just sitting there, not doing anything, watching time ticks by, watching other people building webpages, watching other people get better.

I’m not critisizing you, I’m simply describing a situation where all humans can fall down, when they’re not sure, when they stop moving. In most situations in life, it is more beneficial to just do something and see the result, instead of sitting there procrastinating. Eventually you’ll gain new experience, that will replace older experience, and you’ll look back at how much you’ve grown, and how foolish you were a few months ago. This happens to all of us.

  1. How did I build my projects?
    I simply had a random thought about a website I liked, then I jumped into building it.

  2. What are the good practices I follow all the time?
    Never stop coding, always be coding.
    Sure give yourself a break once in a while, but don’t stop for too long.
    How long is too long? When you suspect you’re procrastinating, it’s too long.

  3. Any other tips to get into real world projects?
    Do the above, just do it.

Just stay hungry for experience, stay aggressive to grow, and be nice to yourself, then there will be no obstacle that will stop you.


I don’t spend any time reading books or guidelines. All my experience is gained from actually writing a website or app. Reading without implementing, is a big waste of time, and procrastination. The only way to retain knowledge, is building a project. Any knowledge you read or heard or watched, will be forgotten if you don’t implement it.


Thanks for the detailed valuable reply.
I’m going to follow these golden rules in upcoming weeks.

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