How to catch up?

I am at step 57 of Basic JavaScript course and since step 40 I had to look up hints and forum for every single step in order to pass. I feel like I’m doing some heavy bypassing here and I think it is pointless.

What can I do to catch up and actually be able to work on those steps - not bypass them by checking hints. I always try to google the problem 1st but after 5 mnute I switch to hints/forum and bypass it.

Maybe I should redo it from the step 1? And be more attentive to reading and absorbing this stuff?

JS is harder than HTML and CSS. And FCC moves through it fairly quickly. And don’t think that you have to memorize it all.

If you “cheated”, then maybe go back and do those steps again - if you learned it then you learned it.

When I was doing FCC I kept a little notepad where I would write down things that I felt I didn’t know well. When I had a little free time, I would work on them, spend 20-30 minutes looking into one of them.

It’s tough to balance going too fast and trying to learn everything “perfectly” - both are detrimental.


Yeah, I returned to step 1 and I read now even slower in order to absorb it +
I created notepad file and I copy/paste anything I might find useful later.
Thanks @kevinSmith ! :slight_smile:

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Hi @Spychu1993, to go along with @kevinSmith great advice and in much the same way, I would suggest using Cornell Notes to do this.
Although I’m not endorsing the following site, just one among many with free templates of your choosing in which to download. (
I copy and paste key points from the fCC lessons I find I get hung up on and review before I go to bed and when I wake up next day. Part of that review consists of opening up console in the browser and trying to code as much of that method without looking at notes and only when I get hung up.

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I will check it out for sure! I admire you for being so commited and reviewing notes before going to sleep. I might start doing the same. But I also work 70 hours a week easily and sometimes the sleep is stronger than me lol

Mastering a skill is a marathon, not a sprint.
So don’t be too hard on yourself.
Slow and steady wins the race.


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