How to change color for a component on a single page?

Hi there,

my header component on the startpage should have a navigation with a black font color, but for all other pages the color for the navigation text should be white.

I know that I could use two components, but I am sure there is a much better way. Actually I just need to invert the navigation text for the startpage, but how can I seperate the color inside the same component for a single page?

Hope someone can help :slight_smile:


You need some thing you can use in CSS to single out the header on the start page. Perhaps you can add a special class to the body of the start page and then use that?

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Yes that works! I just nested the element I need to change within an empty div on the startpage. Thanks for the hint :slight_smile:

I just recognized that when I use the empty div to nest the nav inside and to invert it with CSS filter, then the content from the login button (which is inside the nav) also gets inverted and the elements get effected also.

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