How to change size on an onclick without changing original paragraph

So I have a visible text-paragraph that gets changed onclick. It then changes the innerHTML of this paragraph into “Shark meat”. But how can I also make that text (shark meat) turn bigger in fontsize?

Code is like this:

  function myFunc3(){
      alert("You can either contact me or hire me through the links in this website below");
      document.getElementsByClassName("Sabretooth")[0].innerHTML= "Shark meat";
document.getElementsByClassName("button2")[0].style.display = "none";
      document.getElementsByClassName("button3")[0].style.display = "block";


I don’t want to change the original paragraph text. Only shark meat. So all in all I want to make the innerHTML-text “shark meat” turn bigger.

You should be able to use .style, similarly to how you set the display style property.

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