How to change the text size in my paragraphs?

Hi, I don’t know why but I could not change the text size of any paragraph. I guess that I messed up sth in my code. If someone could look into it, I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

well firstly, I’d like to advise you to not use paragraph and heading tags at the same time. and some elements like h1 tags come with their own styling, font-size and such. change text-size to font-size on your .funny CSS that should get us started in the right direction.

And the bootstrap jumbotron class has a font-size of 21px. That’s what’s overriding your paragraph font-sizes. So either move your paragraphs out of the jumbotron, or just add !important after your font-size to enforce the rule. font-size: 15px !important;

As the users above me said. Also, make sure that you have a reference to the css file in your HTML file.

I see you have multiple nested tags and classes. You placed a strong tag in a p tag, then placed the p tag in a

element. <p><li><h3><strong>Background:</strong></h3></li></p>

There are bound to be conflicts. why not use a class for all p tags. then format your text accordingly as the other users have suggested.

thank you all for your replies!