How to change this?

Hello everyone,

I’ve a project and something happened to my website when I was trying to change the hyperlink color.
Now there is not post or header:

And it says something about Id template 7382 in the top of the web.

When I search in google for that, this is what I find on google:

But the post is still indexed:

Does anyone know what has happened? Someone can help me, please?

Thank you so much,

I’ve encountered this problem with wordpress on shared hosting. Many times i’m doing something as admin or author and the server terminates the process because someone else needed the CPU. Welcome to shared hosting! post-single can be fine that’s normal. Do you mean that the latests posts page doesn’t list it? The first two links look the same now. Nothing obviously wrong to me, but I’ve never seen this page before.

Hello tlc35us,

Thank you so much for your reply.
It seems now it’s fine. I dont know what happened