How to change variables to fix a checkout

Hi friends, i have a template for a shop, it has a checkout to Paypal but I’ve been asked to change payment to Stripe. So I have 2 variables “Paypal” and “paypalMail” that’s it, how can they be changed to the Stripe equals?

thank you

I don’t think we can help without some more context and information.

But I doubt it will be as easy as changing a few variables unless “it” is already set up to have Stripe as a payment option with a flick of a switch. Whatever “it” is, which we do not know just from what you have posted.

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hi, thank you for answering. So what do I do? Do i post the complete template? or the parts that show those variables?

var monthFormat = [“January”, “February”, “March”, “April”, “May”, “June”, “July”, “August”, “September”, “October”, “November”, “December”],
noThumbnail = “”,
postPerPage = 16,
paymentOption = “PayPal”,
paypalMail = “”,
currencyOption = “USD”

Look at the documentation and see what values paymentOption accepts.

Do you know for a fact that this template and whatever system it is running on is set up to be able to use Stripe?

What is the template and where is it running?

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Where do i find the documentation?
I dont know if its set up to be linked to Stripe but its Javascrypt. Isn’t there a library stablishing those variables? Do i post the complete template?

I’m sorry but how on earth would I know that? I don’t even know what it is you are working with. Unless you can provide a lot more information we have no chance to help you.

What is this template, can you link to it? Where did you get it from?

Where is it running, what CMS or whatever is it running on? (Shopify, WordPress, etc.)

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oh ok, I have this template: I MASK
I posted it on the blog. So its going to be used in Blogger
I dont have the template documentation
thank you

I don’t have information. that’s what i’m saying

what is?
PayPal:function(_0x49fcxb){if(!_0x49fcxb[_0x71d9[216]]){return _0x49fcx16_0x71d9[136]}

I don’t see any options for Stripe integration. Also, everything but PayPal looks to be a premium feature.

The free version of the page also has obfuscated code running eval. I’m sure it is just copy protection but you really have no way of knowing that.

I’d personally suggest going with a more serious option for an online store. It won’t be free but at least you can trust it and if you are serious about making money from a store business I think it’s worth the cost.

There are stripe payment links which I think can work as a drop-in solution (never used it). Or maybe something like Shopify starter which is 5$ a month with a 5% charge fee.

BTW, there is a link to a store on that page as well and it is running on bigcartel and they have Stripe instructions.

It is obfuscated code. I can’t be bothered to deobfuscate it.

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thank you for answering

What is obfuscated code? Can i delete it? but where is the integration to Paypal? I don’t see it, shouldn’t be some kind of calling a Paypal + javascript library or api?

It’s a way to make code difficult or near impossible to read. It is often used as a form of copy protection so people do not use/copy the code for other things.

The problem is, that malware can do the same thing, and trusting obfuscated code is hard if you do not know what it is doing. Having obfuscated code running eval is just asking for trouble.

I really didn’t look into it more. I suggest you use the resources I provided I’m not tech support for this template. Personally, I wouldn’t use that template or trust it with my or other people’s money.

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is there any way to un obfuscated or clean it?

The google deobfuscate link I gave has links to online tools you can use. But it won’t be as simple as just copying and pasting.

Some of it might even be using a private key that is used as the hash/key/seed for the obfuscation. Which you would need to know to “decrypt” it. I didn’t look at it long enough to say if that is the case or not, but it might be. Some of it looks to just be hex encoded which isn’t that hard to deobfuscate using a tool.

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awesome, thank you for your insight. I’m learning

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