How to choose cisp color combinations for websites?

How to remember hex color combinations, and tips on how to choose right color combinations and their gradients, anyone can share their own methods for us millennials.

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Use this to select colors.
I bookmark it on the chrome.

Hello @sandeepsarkar619,

I think you don’t need to remember many hex codes, but some standard colors such as black, white, red, etc. Here are some suggestions that will help you choose better colors:

  • Understand what the meaning of specific colors are (red for danger & love, black for mystery, etc.).
  • Experiment with colors and gradients! I am sure that you will find some really cool color combinations.
  • Use the “Color by Fardos” chrome extension for picking colors from really cool sites.
  • Use “Coolors” for generating color schemes:

Here are some links which will help you:

Happy Colors!

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