How to color toolbar to be same color of webpage

Hi all.

How can I change the color of the toolbar (the part where you type in the url) on the top of my browser so that it is the same color of my navbar.

Similar to what the freecodecamp page looks on the top

Hey there,

this depends on your Browser.

Which Browser do you use?
Chrome? Firefox? Safari? Edge?

Hey Miku.
I would like to set it for any browser that the users opens it on. But in my part of the world most people use Chrome so that would be a good start.

So if you talk about this here:


I don’t think that you can change the appearance of my browser on my computer by using your website

See the area where the time and battery life is. Fcc has made it the same color of the navbar (black)

If you have a closer look at it , you can see a difference in the colors.

Did you set your browser to dark mode?
I do not use dark mode, so my browser bar is default white.

So I think FCC uses a similar color than the dark mode,
but you can’t set the users browser color by visiting your site.

i don’t have much knowledge about mobile but you should explore some android settings and see whats going on.