How to connect with React developers?

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After spending time on FCC learning Javascript and React, I am now going to start building projects. That being said…

At this point I would really like to connect with someone who has gone through the self teaching route and landed a job. I would love to connect with them on a call and learn how they did it and what advice they would have. Sadly, I don’t know anyone like this that I could reach out to. How would you go about finding and reaching out to a person like this?

The road ahead of me is quite daunting and I’m going it alone. I would love to just connect with someone, or others, who have gone down this path.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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Hey Alex,

nice to meet you!

Some brainstorming:

  • We have React in our curriculum, so we also see some React questions here on the forum. You could search for these topics and see who the most prolific folks are and send them a nice message.

  • You can search on BestOfJS for the most popular React ecosystem tools. Then you go to their Git repo and search the core developers and maintainers and search for them, e.g. on Twitter and send them a nice message.

  • You can go to the FCC Discord and search for people who talk about React.

These are just some ideas, what are yours?