How to continue learning coding

I have education in business and trying to learn web development and watch different courses of web development. which help me understand the basic. i don’t know how to use git or slack finds it difficult to understand but every developer is on it. i have also reset my freecode camp account so the little progress i made was reset. I am struck don’t know how to continue learning codding. Now this site have made the certifications more complex. i think i need help to learn coding.

I would suggest to slowly start again the courses here, they are truly amazing for the cost they are at ( free ).
Just take your time and understand every step you take and everything you do. *Take your time , dont haste *. Its always more valuable to undestand something truly rather than having to go back to it every second day.

After really undertanding what you are doing you can start making websites again and again, trying different things everytime. Different frameworks, better logic, responsivness designs. Just add a small brick everytime. It might not be obvious in the start but you justt need to believe in the reality that progress is made.

Keep coding.


FreeCodeCamp goes well with another source of learning material. I would recommend checking out this blogpost I created as a resource for the Front-End.

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As suggested by ThanasisMpalatsoukas be patient and take your time to understand.
if your at beginner stage i recommend check this link and practise.

Learning at Freecodecamp makes coding understand easier.

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Thanks it is good tutorial.

For everything there is a variable which keeps on changing like u r in business sector and u need to get involved in the web dev or coding sector maybe you are interested or you know for the fact its the changing need of the Market thats why you are trying or thinking about learning it well this is what the variable are keep on changing. so to adopt a change you need a constant like there is one study which says to master something to the profession lvl like experts u need to put 10000hrs in it so u become expert this study is also know for (10k rule) but there is another study which says too be good at something not expert just be good like an average or mediocre lvl u need 40days . how 40 days ? u fool one says 10k hrs to expert and u r saying 40dys its not even half of it ? the answer is 40 mins every day till 40days constantly with out any distractions highly motivated 40 mins for 40days after these 40days review ur skill or knowledge or whatever you are dining or want to lean i hope according to the study it will be helpful . thats the kind of constant u need for 40days. (sorry for my bad English , grammer and spells)

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Thanks for your Answer this is highly motivating answer. I am continuously learning every day .

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Great message. It’s easy to want to build up a portfolio and show what you are capable of but even I need to remember that I won’t get there without picking up the first brick. :grin:

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