How to continue learning from this level?

Hello freecodecamp.
happy new year.
I started learning coding then I tried to build websites with wordpress.

I stopped learning for few months then want to continue learning wordpress. I have beginner to intermediate level in wordpress.

I already know HTML5 CSS3 JS and PHP for wordpress.
I want to refresh and continue learning.

I want to know your opinions and reviews. and what is new in wordpress development or web development generally to continue from that level?

thanks in advance.

also what is new in frontend libraries like jquery or vue or react in 2022 ?

and others like bootstrap and tailwind?

Your sites are clean and look good. But rather than seeking other things to learn, IMHO you should stay at this level for a while and fine tune the speed and check for vulnerabilities in your code.

Learning new stuff is always fun. But looking back and fine tuning is boring. But from my view the best way to learn. Almost every day I use (and similar sites) in order to be even better.

Disclaimer: This is a personal opinion. jQuery, Tailwind and Bootstrap are shortcuts that may block your attempt to learn web developing from the ground up.

Maybe something to learn next could be Laravel and MySQL. You could also check out The Odin Project and Scrimba for project ideas and learning.

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