How To Contribute To An Open Source Project

Hi everyone!

In celebration of Hacktoberfest, I wrote an article on how one could contribute to an open source project.

You can find it here

I hope it helps people who want to get into the habit of contributing.

Feel free to let me know what you think.



Thanks for writing the article. Good, clear language and step by step pictures. Bookmarked.

I do have a question specifically related to editing of articles for freecodecamp or articles written by other people in general, as I’ve never done it; specifically stubs. What’s the etiquette for removing the code stating it is a stub? Do I delete it and replace it with my proposed code, or comment it out and put my proposal after it? I’m having a hard time fining the right words to google this. I want to add to the guide pages that are still stubs to be able to participate in Hacktoberfest.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Thanks for the kind words.

In regard to your question, if it is a stub, then you can safely remove it and replace it with the correct content relevant to the article’s subject.
Whenever you are working on a file that someone else is working on, if you both edit the same locations, there will be a merge conflict when both of your branches (features) will be reviewed in a pull request. That is why it is important to edit files (if it is possible) at their end.

Commenting out code is discouraged since when you open your pull request, the reviewer will see the changes you have made (and see the previous state), so it will still be visible. If everything in your revision is satisfactory, there will be no need to keep the commented code there.

Hope that helps and happy coding.

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That helps immensely. I’ve only ever collaborated in very small projects without any version control so commenting out to indicate revisions was common. Your explanation, especially the note about merge conflicts makes total sense. You should write a course, you’re great at explaining the why behind the how :wink:

Thanks, great article.