How to counter these salary negotiation questions with HRs?

I’m a Software Engineer from India having current CTC: 9 LPA (Lakhs per annum) and years of Experience: 4.

I’ve an offer of 14 LPA and serving my notice period. The companies in which I’m interviewing, I ask for 20 LPA base salary. I’ve been asked below points by several HRs during salary discussion and also during the initial conversations with HRs (before the interviews) for which I had no answer to.

  1. That’s too high expectation by you. You can’t expect 40-50% hike on the offer which you’re already holding from another company as we can give only 10-15% hike on that offer. 17 LPA is the maximum, which we can offer.
    Note: Here I can’t say that my current company will give me this much money because my current miser company have given me only 4 percent hike (despite after performing well) and I have to show the latest appraisal letter to the HR with whom I’m negotiating the salary.

  2. Me: I’ve researched that average market standard for people of my skills and experience is 20 LPA. I’m underpaid. According to my past performances, I gave 3x-4x times and even more returns to my previous companies.
    HR replied- Everyone has different skillset and educational background. You can’t compare yourself with others. If you believe that you’re underpaid that you can accept our offer and perform well and show us how good you are so that we can give you a 5-10% better hike than others.

  3. You already have an excellent offer, which is giving you close to 50% hike. In our organization, for person of your YOE, our budget is 13 LPA and you’re getting even more than that in your current holding offer.

  4. In our organization, we have a standard of salaries and we can’t give you more than those employees who have more YOEs than you and are on a higher position than you.

  5. HR: Why do you need this much salary? Is the sole purpose of your job hunt - money only?
    Me: because I’m highly skilled but underpaid, then HR go back to #2.
    Me: I’ve to take care of my whole family as I’m the only earning member of my family
    HR: you aren’t alone, everyone does this and 1 or 2 lakhs in your offer won’t make much of a difference.
    Me: 1/2 lakhs will also won’t make that much difference to the company also and I know this.
    HR: No, you will know this only when you will have a company of your own or you will get in a higher managerial position in your career. Every single penny matters to the company.

Can anyone please advice on how to counter these questions?


I found this video on youtube hope you find it helpfull -

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