How to create a 'do not reply' automatic email response using Vue.js

What is the proper method for creating a ‘Do not reply.’ automatic email response using Vue.js? I have searched online for a while with no leads or examples of how to create such a feature within Vue.js.

Any guidance/information would be greatly appreciated.

Vue is a framework for building the UI of single-page web applications, eg what you see in a browser. As, fundamentally, you can’t create the logic for an email responder client-side, this would explain why you can’t find anything online. You need to explain what exactly you’re trying to do: Vue handles UI, it’s a UI library.

How does that fit into the thing you are trying to do? If you are building an email client that is accessed in a browser, and you are using Vue, that’s totally fine. But then the problem is not “how do I create a do not reply email response”, it’s just “what UI do I use for the functionality I already have for this part of my application”

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