How to create a file in a project folder on atom

When I use atom and want to create the first file index.html in my project file it says no such file or directory

Does it work if you save the file/project folder outside the OneDrive folder?

I know this isn’t a solution, but if you haven’t tried VS Code I would suggest checking it out. It’s very well supported and used by a lot of people.

Thanks for your reply, how do you save outside of OneDrive and what is VS code

Just select a different folder for the project, like c:\Users\timil\someProject. I don’t use Atom so I can’t really give you step-by-step instructions, you can check the docs.

VS Code is an editor, just like Atom. It is just more actively developed and a very popular editor. I would give it a try, here is a YouTube search with some videos to help you get started.