How to create a GitHub account and link it with your freeCodeCamp account

GitHub is a place where you can host your code. It will also help you create your bio on freeCodeCamp.

If you already have a GitHub account and are signed into it, click here to link it with your freeCodeCamp account.

Otherwise, keep reading, and we’ll walk you through setting one up and linking it.

###Step 1: Create your GitHub account

If you don’t have a GitHub account yet, you can create one in less than a minute. Just be sure to open the email GitHub sends you to verify your email address.

###Step 2: Fill in your profile

Click here to open up your GitHub profile.

Fill in as much information as you want, and upload a photo if you can.

Then click the Update profile button.

Step 3: Link it with your freeCodeCamp account

Click this link to link GitHub to freeCodeCamp. Then click Authorize freeCodeCamp.

Congratulations! Now your freeCodeCamp profile’s picture, name, bio, and username will match those of your GitHub profile.