How to create a URL Link

How can I create a URL for my html & CSS project to make it accessible via browsers so that I can just send the link to a person who will tap it be directed to that particular page?

I don’t think you can. I would suggest you host the project somewhere else. You can use Netlify,, or GitHub pages for free static site hosting.

If you want to show the code upload it to GitHub. You do not need to learn Git you can just create and new repository and drag and drop the files into it.


Thank you .
I succeeded but things did not turn out as expected.

What could be the cause of this?
My webpage in a mobile device is not showing some part yet I had not used overflow: hidden; property and my html has the required meta tags but in my laptop the webpage is fully displayed. Could it be because of using 100vw in width or maybe px units ?

There isn’t really much point in me speculating. We have to see the code and site.

Post a link to your repo and the live site.

I was able to debug it