How to create a while loop with javascript

So l am trying to use a prompt which asks a user for their name and when the user enters a name it proceeds to the program prompt but when the user doesn’t enter anything it loops back to the name prompt

 let welcome;
  welcome = "Welcome to my first COMP1231 Program.";
 let name;
  name =(prompt("Please enter your name:?", "Tafadzwa Marisa" ));
   let program;
  program =(prompt("Please enter your Program:?", "COMP1231" ));

Thy this one as starting point:

function whatBring() {
    var input = prompt('What brings Little Red Riding Hood in the basket?  A: Food - B: Book - C:Carbon') == 'A');

    if (input == "A") {

    } else if (input == "B") {

    } else if (input == "C") {


Have you tried anything? Please show us the code for what you have tried so that we can help you out.

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